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Yoga Nutrition Benefits
Yoga is a complete system designed to help individuals create union with their True Self, through meditation and other practices. Yoga asanas or poses are great exercise that benefit the body in many ways such as stress relief, more energy, mindfulness, and helps detox your body through sweat. In addition to this, a healthy eating is key to healthy living, and that applies excellently to yoga nutrition. When one eats healthy, nourishing foods, the digestive tract can do its regular job of digesting food, and can help cleanse the body of toxins and waste. Yoga nutrition adds to this by taking the mental and spiritual aspects of the food into consideration too. This can help the patient become more open minded for behavioral changes and can helps healthcare provider to become more of an active listener and more compassionate with patients for better building rapports. 
Nutrition is a vital component in yoga, because it’s connected to three energies that are found in one’s everyday life known as sattva, rajas, and tamas. With a healthy, mindful eating practice, one can keep the body energetic and mind focused. Some foods for boosting energy, clearing mind and happy mood would fall under Sattvic foods. Other foods associated with high energy and positive aggression, such as achiever’s attitude would fall under the rajasic foods. In short, eat mindfully and intuitively plenty of sattvic food while keep rajasic and tamasic food in moderation.
Some foods that are packed with vitamins and nutrients that can nurture a yogi mind would be like Quinoa, Kale, Chia seeds, Millet, Hemp seeds and others. All the mentioned foods can be considered sattvic foods and are vital for an energetic healthy body at the physical and mental level. 
At the digestive level, the twists and turns from yoga stimulate the digestion and help make eliminating waste easier. This implies avoiding digestive upsets caused by stress, and easing digestive symptoms like bloating and cramping. The gut-brain axis is key in yoga practices to enhance the digestive processes, as anxious minds can cause unpleasant symptoms like stomach aches, nausea, changes in appetite, and in extreme scenarios diarrhea and constipation.