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Course Features

Lectures Live Webinar
Duration 3hrs
Skill Level 3
Attendee Dietitians, Doctors, Interns
Certificate Certificate of Participation
Assessments None
CPE Credits 3
Price $42

Trainer: Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN, CSO

Category: Healthcare

Accreditation: CDR


Alternative Proteins - Beyond Meat

The course will address the concept of alternative protein. In a growing market of meal replacement, the food industry is looking for alternative of meat that can still provide the high quality amount of protein in their constituents. The course will address what are alternative proteins, their benefits, nutritional perspective, nutrition content, processing, and comparing it to meat choices. We will look into Soy protein, pea protein, insect protein, mucoprotein, cultured meat, and whey protein to name a few. The course will address where to use alternative proteins in disease management with examples and case studies for discussion. Challenges in using alternative proteins will be addressed, in addition to cooking skills for the best outcomes. A demonstration of the cooking skills will be made live during the live webinar.