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Course Features

Lectures Live Webinar
Duration 3 hrs
Skill Level 3
Attendee Dietitians, Doctors, Interns, Psychologists, Speech Therapists
Certificate Certificate of Participation
Assessments None
CPE Credits 3
Price $42

Trainer: Rebecca Brody, PhD, RD, LD, CNSC

Category: Healthcare

Accreditation: CDR


Dysphagia Clinical Nutrition - A clinical Approach

The course focuses on the nutritional role in dysphagia. Malnutrition negatively affects the quality of life of dysphagia patients. Standard and effective nutritional assessments are not yet available, and the optimal nutritional assessment and interventions is still inadequate. Accordingly, the course defines dysphagia, its types, diagnosis techniques, and the role of the speech therapist along side the role of the dietitian. Then we explore the nutritional strategies for dysphagia, which include tips for safe swallowing, food descriptors, nutritional strategies for the different stages of dysphagia, cooking tips, role of supplements, the IDDSI and some meal plan examples for elaboration and purposes. The we explore the complications of dysphagia and the weight management challenges in those patients.