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Course Features

Duration 3 hrs
Skill Level 3
Attendee Dietitians, Doctors, Interns, Psychologists
Certificate Certificate of Participation
Assessments NONE
CPE Credits
Price $55

Trainer: April Hackert MS, RDN, CEDRD

Category: Healthcare



MIND-GUT CONNECTION: Nutrition to Influence Psychology

This engaging and informative course delves into the fascinating link between the gut and the brain, exploring how nutrition can profoundly influence mental health. From occasional bad moods to chronic depression, we'll uncover the science behind how what we eat impacts our psychological well-being. Participants will gain practical knowledge on how to harness the power of nutrition to enhance mood, reduce anxiety, and support overall mental health. Our objectives are to understand the gut-brain axis and its role in mental health, identify specific nutrients and foods that positively influence mood and psychological well-being, learn how to use diet to manage and improve conditions ranging from mild mood swings to severe depression, explore the impact of gut microbiota on brain function and mood, and gain practical strategies for incorporating mental health-boosting foods into daily meals.