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Course Features

Duration 3 hrs
Skill Level 3
Attendee Dietitians, Doctors, Interns, Nurses
Certificate Certificate of Participation
Assessments None
CPE Credits
Price $50

Trainer: Holly Van Poots RDN, CSP, FAND

Category: Healthcare



Optimizing Digestive Wellness in Infants & Children: Strategies for Pediatric Constipation

This comprehensive course is designed to equip dietitians and pediatricians with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively address pediatric constipation and optimize digestive wellness in infants and children. Constipation is a common gastrointestinal issue in pediatric populations, impacting both short-term comfort and long-term health outcomes. Understanding the causes, symptoms, and management strategies for pediatric constipation is crucial for healthcare professionals working with this demographic. Throughout this course, participants will explore various aspects of pediatric constipation, including its prevalence, etiology, and associated risk factors. Additionally, attendees will learn evidence-based strategies for prevention, assessment, and treatment, considering both nutritional and lifestyle interventions. Practical guidance will be provided on dietary modifications, fluid intake optimization, behavioral strategies, and therapeutic approaches, tailored to the unique needs of infants and children.